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If you are a creator, this is your workhouse..! We have created a system that everyone could easily learn advanced techniques and manage their channel in the most effective way to earn more and more revenue along with the easy to grow system with youtube creator House.


what it is and How it works?

YouTube creator House (INDIA) is basically a non-profit organization made with a purpose of
helping creators, filmmakers, YouTubers and anyone who is interested in youtube as a profession.
The idea behind the business is to create a community of creators and give them a way to interact
with the world by their skills with the help of our experts.
Our organization helps all the YouTubers to learn and grow on YouTube and bring new ideas to life
along with budgeting their valuable projects and promoting along with advertising. The tagline of our
project itself suggestive of an idea.
Tagline: ‘If We Have To Grow; We have To Grow Together..!’

There are almost 13000000 YouTubers and the figure is increasing every day. Posting almost
300 hours of video every creator statHow many of them truly making most out of it? Only 5%.
These are not my statistics, you can check online on YouTube revenue websites. You will get
all the figures.

By understanding all this stats, we came to one conclusion, if we have to grow, we need to
grow together, we need to be together. So we created YouTube creator House. For all the
creators who want to grow as tomorrows YouTuber.

YouTube creator House help you through the whole process from, teaching you all you need
to know about YouTube along with how you can grow. As well as promote every creator and
of course for free.

You may have created a YouTube channel and uploaded your videos before. Or maybe you
You may have disappointed because your videos didn’t get the revenue as expected. You may
have stopped uploading thinking there is nothing in here.
YouTube creator House help you get back on the track with the help of increasing popularity
of social media and ads network like adword and facebook ads. And the best part about it is.
It’s all free of cost.
Basically, you are working with YouTube creator House as a creator yourself.

Know More about – Youtube creator House (India)

  • step 1 – Join Creator House 🏡

    You can join creator House from the link here.

  •  step 2 – Meet the house or fix an appointment with the executive

    You need to put an 📧 email on [email protected]
    For an appointment or you can even book an appointment online. Be sure to get ready for the idea and your view.
    Don’t worry we will review and fix an appointment within 2 days.

    If we like your idea, it will be presented to creator House for reviews and we will reach you within 7 days either online or offline.

  • who’s producing?

    Please note that all your production cost will be managed by YouTube creator House.

  • where are you producing?

    All your projects are managed by YouTube creator House along with your revenue.
    Your video will be produced and uploaded to YouTube creator House.

  • How can I make money and how much?

    Your revenue is dependent on how much worth your video or idea is.

    The total cost of production and YouTube creator House fees (20%) will be subtracted from total revenue.

    This 20% of fees are charged from total revenue of the video. And which is used for maintenance of services we offer to all the new creators.

  • why I have to produce with YouTube creator House when I can produce myself?

    Of course, you can, you can produce yourself and upload under and to YouTube creator House without any fees. But for advertising and promotion, we will cut 20% of your total revenue.

  • Am I needed to do any prior investment?

    No, their are no changes for joining and creating with YouTube creator House. we are running a complete non-profit organisation to grow the awareness of creators and helping them follow their passion.

  •  where can I see my videos?

    You can see all your work, under separate section of YouTube creator House.
    We weekly send you statement through email about your revenue and all the data along with statistic on performance and the process we are doing to increase the popularity and fame of your videos.

  • what you do when I upload my videos to your channel?

    We have great tools to socialise your videos. We run campaign in order to promote your work. We list your work on topmost blogging sites and platform and increase popularity of your work.
    We are running a viral trend for specific videos that can help your video reach all corners of the world. You can see all the features we offer on our service page.