shame to say (emotional)

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shame to say ( emotional Video ideas )


Date of the proposal– 17/08/2017 10:00

Genre: drama
Ratings: 4.5/5
By: [email protected]


A passive protagonist telling the story of her life where a girl is abandoned by plenty of traditions and rules (rituals) set by the community.

Executive summary


The goal of the project to create a drama that deals with a social issue and False traditions set by the community.


The protagonist is a girl who lives in a community where lots of restriction to her life which rule her freedom.To focus on the social issues and injustice to her life she is telling her story. It will be explained in a dramatic manner that what is her character arc and her normal world.


Screenplay breakdown

Act 1.Plot set up

In the first act, a dramatic beat must be embedded in order to engage your audience.This could
be an incident happened in the life of protagonist at which is fully responsive with the motive of the project.

Act 2. Conflict

Explain the character arc and her normal world. Explain the most sensual subjects about the
Community and social life of protagonist in brief.

The conflict in the tale have 3 types –

  1. Conflict between protagonist and community
  2. Conflict between protagonist and rituals and traditions
  3. The conflict between protagonist vrs protagonist.

Act 3. Resolution

In this act, explain the resolution of protagonist and her battle with the false tradition and
Superstition held by older super wiser of rituals. And give it a dramatic and questionary climax which challenge the audience to think and evolve.


The motive of the project is to let them know what is wrong and must be executed in the normal world to maintain the imbalance and injustice.


There is no justice or injustice ; its only bad luck or good luck.

Orsan wells


Pre-production- Production- Post-production- Overall
$50+ $50+ $50= $150


The general theme of the project is tragedy drama. It’s aggravated social issue to deal with and to fight for.
You are challenging the change, you, yourself have to be prepared first of all.To leave a
Positive note we have included the resolution and draw out a conclusion of an action.