what if we can read the mind?

Title: What if we can read the mind 

( Fantasy/suspense Short film ideas)

genre: fantasy, Suspense

written By: Raj K. Reddy

published On: 30/01/2018

Rating: 4/5


What if you could read minds? And what if you couldn’t, when everyone could? In a futuristic Earth, you see thoughts by reading what the text on someone’s chest says. And Lake is the only exception.


A world in which 6-year-old girl Telsa was is the only one who can read the minds of people and she is telling the bad consequences of her power.


A scientific inquiry loaded with thoughts of a mind-reading generation and the obstacle they may face. manage to learn the basics of the sci-fi film ideas.

screenplay Breakdown : 

Act 1.

Introducing an event that protagonist attempt to read the mind and surprise the audience.

you may plot this act in 3 structure.

  1. An incident made protagonist to read the mind of the victim.
  2. The Protagonist may suffer from reading the mind of others.
  3. introducing the protagonist trouble because of her repeated attempts to read the mind of others.

Act 2.

This act will have to focus on setting up the conflict in the story.

you may set up conflict in a various way.

e.g – found the antagonist that causes trouble in protagonist’s life and protagonist need to find the cure.

or in an attempt to she get into memories of a character and can’t resist to forgot the memories of the victim and fall into trouble.

Rule: protagonist must fall in Trouble.

Act 3.

In this act, the protagonist must find the aim or purpose of her powers.

It can be founded many of different ways, either guided by someone or by any incident or spiritually. No matter How? but, she must find the purpose and take an action.

climax and Resolution : 

Before you start to tell any story in this category, you must find the resolution at first. this is the first step while writing the screenplay in this kind of film project.


Budget :

pre-production – 100$

production – 200$

Post productio – 100$ 

total budget – ( $400 to $500)


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