A life worth struggling for (documentary film project)

Title: life of a medico – A life worth struggling for
Genre: Biography, documentary
Rating: 4/5
By: admin @filmmaking90
Storyline :
 An intern and residential medical officer at a hospital – job profile and social engagement at glance.
Motive :
Describing the life of a doctor, his problems, his job profile and dedication towards society and sacrifices.
Goal :
 To honor a respectable personality in society worth supporting and a tribute for the sacrifices they made.
People talk a lot in Doctor Who. A lot. It’s most of what people do. There’s always more talking than fighting. Relationships happen when people talk to each other. And the Doctor chatters on and on. And on. A good monologue can make you cry, laugh, or shout at the television. A great monologue may do all three. There’s something about a character just talking, just stating the subtext, facing something and having a moment of understanding that’s just wonderful. And because this is Doctor Who, some of those speeches do even more than that. Sometimes, it’s a speech that defeats a monster. Or a speech that saves a life. Or a speech that channels the audience, giving audience reaction a moment in the spotlight. In Doctor Who, a monologue can be how you fall in love with a character. Every great Doctor starts off with a monologue about being the Doctor. A particular speech can define an era, a character, a relationship. A lot of good writers paired with great actors mean a ton of good speeches to choose from. We’re on the 12th Doctor, so I chose 12 speeches and ordered them in terms of what I think are the best. Please, feel free to fight with me on my choices.
Screenplay breakdown for documentary video
Act 1.
An emergency at the door of the hospital 🏥 already full of patients at 3 is in the morning.
Describing the consequences after that like – movement in the casualty, movement in the medical room, an emergency call to the consultant.
Act 2.
Entry of protagonist and handling pressure of relatives of the patient along with trying to diagnose perfectly.
An emergency procedure ongoing in the casualty ward. Like – endotracheal incubation. Along with flashback of a day – where doctor have faced problems like, break up or family issues or financial burden etc.
Act 3.
Completing procedure keenly and find out the patient is out of danger. And feeling relaxed.
With a glimpse of though💭. It is the happiness, maybe he is looking for.
Budget for documentary
Pre-production – 50$
Production -100$
Postproduction – 50$
Overall    –  200$
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