Me and my keyboard

Me and my keyboard ( comedy video idea)

Date of the proposal– 17/08/2017 10:00
Genre– Comedy
Ratings: 4/5
By– Admin[filmmaking90]

Me and my keyboard  ♣ (comedy Video idea)
An active protagonist telling his story about how he overcome his financial problem by use of Internet and trouble he gone through.
The objective of the film is to create a short comedy video where a protagonist tells a story about his secret life. Humor plays a major role in the film and will be embedded in a really cautious way. Our protagonist must fall in trouble to make the story more compiling. Anxiety and action are the cause and effect of our story which is a plot of the project.
The goal of the video is to create a humorous comedy act through the action of the protagonist and unique style of storytelling.
Pre -production – 25$
Production – 25$
Post production – 50$
Overall – 100-125$
Screenplay breakdown
ACT 1.
The plot set up – where the introduction of the protagonist and his life along with his problems should be explained.
ACT 2.
plot goes through a conflict – where protagonist guided to the keyboard with the series of events he has gone thru and story reach its climax where the goal is clear.
ACT 3.
What action should protagonist take and what will be the consequences of the action ( tragedies or comedy) should be explained in this act.
In a book “story” of Robert McKee, he explained the development of character arc.
An active protagonist, in the pursuit of desire, takes action in direct conflict with the people and
the world around him. A passive protagonist is outwardly inactive while pursuing desire
inwardly, in conflict with aspects of his or her own nature. Our whole structure depends on this fact. In this project, the character is the most important element and from the project, you will learn everything about character arc.