Before Going on a Date (Romantic Video idea)

Date of the proposal–10/04/2017 17:13:46
Genre– comedy, romance
Ratings– 4.5/5
By– [email protected]


Storyline –

After a long time, the protagonist gets a date and his preparation the night before going on date is truly amazing.

Executive summary

The objective of the project is to create a romantic, comedy short film. Where we need to set protagonist and he did before going on a date.

You need to consider adding another perspective like phone call conversation with a friend for advice, more specifically funny advice. Conversation with the sister or even father. In between, you need to add footages from your public interview regarding the topic. Because people love to watch reality and depth on the topic. You need to gather lots of information from people’s you know that you can create a perfect report.

Goal –

The goal of the project is finding how our protagonist deals with the situation like this and how people react to the same situation.

You can break down the story into following parts

‌Part 1– How our protagonist get the date?
part 2– what are the things he is doing now? (eg. Google – how to date? best date, things to do, hair styling, dressing)
‌part 3– who is involved with the protagonist and in what was playing as a supporting actor?
‌part 4- choose an unpredictable climax for your story.


Screenplay breakdown

Act 1.

In this act, the protagonist is preparing for a date while thinking of the events happened recently explaining his journey from the first meeting with the girl.

Act 2.

While preparing for a date what are the things he is doing and what are the obstacles he follows along with the funniest transactions. Whom he meet and what guidance he get?
Whats the plan of the protagonist? What are the obstacles To execution?

Act 3.

Follows the rule of story structuring, where a protagonist takes an action and which turns into a comedy ( happy ending ) or tragedy.


Pre-production- 100$ (actors)
Production- 50$
Postproduction – 50$
Overall – 150$ -200$

For making an effective storyline follow our structure Of story.
Before going on a date is a really amazing video idea as almost all peoples have gone through this experience once in their life and may have done more nuts than ever. so always remember to enjoy while making of because everyone on the set has a story which needs to be told and loved.
Embedding a love or romance or comedy theme is a really important aspect of the film project. By completing the project you will get an experience of embedding a theme in your story.

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