10 minutes Before an Interview

 10 minutes Before an Interview (comedy Video idea)

Date of the proposal–10/08/2017 10:00
Ratings– 4/5
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While sitting in waiting room our protagonist tries to figure out the checklist he has created and things he did before an interview which creates an intense condition for him.

Executive summary :


This story is a younger age guy/girl. Our protagonist set for an interview and trying to figure out the things we need to do before an interview and things he has done. Here we can script a humorous comedy act. For this, you have to interview the employer of the company and share their experience while telling the story.
Interview hall is fall in nervous, quite kind of location. While choosing a character it’s very necessary that his expression values a lot in the video. Perfect expression on the face of actor and melodious sound effects make your story worth watching.
Its really important to the time frame the film as protagonist tells his story within 10 minutes with relevant Flashback scene and footage of an interview with employees.


The goal of the project is to create an intense comedy remix where protagonist telling his story along with the Flashback. It’s really necessary to keep it as if the whole story has been told within 10 minutes.


You can break down the story into following parts

‌Part 1 – Protagonist waiting in the hall.
part 2 – suddenly remember the checklist to check whether he had completed his to-do list.
part 3- the flashback of things he has done in last 12 hours before the interview.
part 4- checklist status and his reaction.

Pre -production$25
$75 -$100
Production – 25$
Postproduction -50$
Overall – $75 -$100

People have really funny experiences in their interview and employment. You have to shoot them and choose the funniest footages which actually seem authentic and unique.
To increase the weight of your video you need to give the best sound effects as you can.
As I told you before flashback plays an important role as its the core of the whole story. so script Flashback really nicely and storyboard.

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