History of Cinema

No one can make the history if don’t know the history…! Let’s take a step in future of filmmaking connecting with the history of cinema first..!

Part 1

History of films – overview

    • Film Era’s

      • Silent films.

      • Cinema of sound and Music

      • Film Noir and Melodrama

      • New cinema with special effects

      • Modern Films – Evolution of 3D.

    • Generation in cinema

      • Motion pictures

      • Sfx and special effects
      • 3D

Overview of History of cinema

This is a practical approach to learn the basic elements of cinema from the very beginning.The interactive guide Based on one single rule,  ” Divide and learn.”But before going straight forward towards the lessons, I want you to have a quick look at the different era of cinema.

For more practical approach I have simplified the different era in five parts.

  • First era – ( (1887-1917) First 30 years)
  • Second era – ( (1917-1937)Next 20 years)
  • Third – ((1937-1967) Next 30 years )
  • Fourth -( (1967-1987)Next 20 years )
  • Fifth -( 1987-2007)Next  20 years )
  • New era- ( last 10 years )


If we look from the very beginning, the first motion picture invented was only 2.11 sec long

( The horse in motion)


Invented by Eadweard Muybridge-



The era started a little ahead than when the motion cameras invented in 1890. The earliest work was without synchronized sound, from the earliest film (around 1891), until 1927,

when the first ‘talkie’,

The Jazz Singer (1927) –



was produced, although there were a few other ‘silents’ later on, such as City Lights (1931).