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5 Questions to ask Before writing a Story

In books, especially on storytelling, they’ve stated almost all the different approaches to inform a story. Writing a story is kind of painting a masterpiece with the narrator’s mind. Question to ask yourself before writing a story So it’s pretty perplexing which manner to comply with? The narrative mode or the conversations with efficient dialogues, to…Read More

3 ways of embedding dialogues in story for great dramatic movements

We often make a statement, sometimes a sensible, sometimes stupid, sometimes without any meanings and many a times really valuable. Sometimes we make a statement which can create an dramatic movements in the surrounding environment. That statement have an momentum to bring change. To move story forward with valuable dramatic movements we often need powerful…Read More

story begginings ideas

Story Beginnings with Examples

A story begins in a numerous way.  Sometimes in narrative mode; Sometimes in a melodious way. Sometimes with a traditional note like “once upon a time”, or “long long ago”. But we are not talking about all of them today. We are talking about most realistic and dramatic story beginning patterns. We heard stories, from…Read More